Probate & Estate Administration

In the event someone passes away there is a multitude of tasks that is usually left to the next of kin to deal with, at what can be a very difficult and upsetting time. This often includes closing bank and building society accounts, dealing with pension providers and tying up loose ends that have been left by the deceased. 

Unless the deceased has previously appointed you as their ‘personal representative’ or you have a ‘grant of representation’ you do not have automatic authority to deal with their affairs.

The term ‘personal representative’ covers both the executor and administrator, and ‘Grant of Representation’ is a general phrase referring to both Grants of Probate and Grants of Letters of Administration.

‘Probate’ generally refers to applying for the right to deal with the affairs of someone who has died. You’ll find that different terms are used, depending on whether or not the deceased person left a will.

How we can help

Depending on the complexities of the estate the probate process can be relatively straightforward to time-consuming and challenging for the executor to administer.

Our team of Wills and Probate executives are highly experienced in dealing with the probate process and can translate any legal jargon into straightforward next steps for you to take.  Our service can be as full or limited as you prefer with our interests always to provide a smooth and efficient service.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can support you. 

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