Planning your Funeral

Your Will can specify particular funeral wishes you may have such as burial or cremation. You can also specify where your ashes might be scattered or interred.

You may wish to pre-book your funeral with a local funeral director to save your family the upsetting task of deciding what arrangements should be in place. By doing so, you also fix the costs at today’s rate, rather than in the future, when costs may have significantly increased.

We recommend putting together a separate Letter of Wishes to outline any additional detail in relation to your funeral, such as hymns, readings, or floral requirements. 

You can also use your Will to outline any donations you wish to be made in place of flowers and to whom these donations should be made.

Please note your funeral wishes in your Will are simply an expression of your wishes and are not legally binding.  If you have specific wishes in relation to your funeral, you should also let your family know in case there is any delay obtaining your Will after death.

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