Making a Will

Making a Will enables you to choose who will get what from your Estate, instead of leaving the choice up to the law.

Only by making a Will can you leave your property to anyone beyond your immediate family, for example a friend, an unmarried partner or a charity.

Making a Will also enables you to appoint executors who will be in charge of winding up your estate.
Your executor will be responsible for:

• Paying any debts you may leave (using money from your estate not from beneficiaries).
• Selling your property if necessary.
• Handing over the balance to those entitled to it.

Anyone with assets or dependants should think about making a Will if they do not already have one in place.
Your Will is the only document in which you can appoint a guardian for your children should both you and their other parent die.

Wills & LPAs should also be reviewed periodically in the event that updates are required.

We offer no obligation free Will and/or LPA reviews to all and also operate a free first advice service meaning it won’t cost you a thing to get in touch and clarify where you stand.

• Protecting your children
• Planning your funeral
• Wills & Charitable Legacies
Protecting your assets: Discretionary trusts
• Protecting your assets: Care fees
• Protecting your assets: Vulnerable beneficiaries
• Living Wills
• Mirror Wills

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