Residential Re-mortgage Fees

The fixed fee  for a straightforward residential re-mortgage is £575 plus VAT (presently 20%).  The costs include:

  • Acting for the old lender on the mortgage redemption;
  • Acting for the new lender in perfecting its security.

Factors that could make the matter more complex, and therefore increase costs, can include, but are not limited to:

  • Title issues;
  • Issues arising from the local authority search;
  • Environmental search;
  • Residential drainage and water search;
  • Chancel repair search;
  • Additional requirements of lenders.


The disbursements that may need to be paid in addition to the above costs include:

  • Official copy register entries of the title and documents referred to in the title;
  • Search fees  £250 - £500 (dependent on Local Authority);
  • Indemnity insurance policies (cost varies depending on policy);
  • Storage charges (£40 plus VAT at the prevailing rate);
  • CHAPS charges (£25 plus VAT at the prevailing rate for each payment);
  • Land Registry fees;
  • Bankruptcy search fees.
  • Notice fees payable to a Management Company  if the property is leasehold


A typical transaction will take between 1-2 months although it can be quicker if the mortgage offer is made promptly and the search results come through without delay.  Please contact us for an individual quote and indication of timescale.

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