Your Right to flexible Working

Balancing work and family commitments can be difficult at times. You can make a flexible working request if you have worked continuously for your employer for 26 weeks.* 

What does flexible working mean?
Working flexibly might include changing the number of hours you work each week, or changing the way you work. Patterns of flexible working include:

• Working part-time
• Job-sharing
• Home working
• Working compressed hours

It’s important to understand that you are entitled only to make a request. This does not mean that your request will automatically be granted by your employer.

Also please note that you are entitled to make a flexible working request only once in any 12-month period. Therefore it is important that you get it right first time.

How to make a flexible working request
Your statutory request must be in writing and must state a number of things. This includes what effect the proposed change is likely to have on your employer and how they could cope with that change.

Your employer must deal with your request reasonably and within a reasonable period. There are number of reasons why your request could be rejected. These include the burden of additional costs and an inability to reorganise work amongst existing staff.

If your written request is not granted, you should be invited to a meeting to discuss it. If it is then not granted, you can appeal against this decision.

We are experts in advising employees on how to make a successful flexible working requests and appeals.

Our specialist lawyers understand the pressures you are likely to be under. They are here to guide you through each stage of the legal process, providing straightforward, practical, cost-effective advice. It costs nothing to pick up the phone or email us to find out more.

 *The right applies to all employees from 30 June 2014; before then, only employees with certain caring responsibilities (a child under 17 or a disabled child or certain adult caring responsibilities) could apply. 

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