What help can I get if I or my child is hurt at a trampoline park?

March 06, 2018

All the family like to enjoy activities which are fun and help us get fit, which is why lots of us have welcomed the new trend of trampoline parks around the country. 

Nurse And Child

They provide somewhere to take the kids to let off steam, and are especially useful when it’s raining outside! However, trampolining can be a risky activity, and although rare, as with all such activities there is always unfortunately a chance of suffering a serious injury.

As identified in a recent article by the BBC, in 2017, ambulances were called out to 1,181 incidents at trampoline parks across England.  Sadly the increase in trampoline parks across England means that not all operators take the same time and care to ensure their facility is as safe as possible. Read the full BBC article here. 

If you or your child is injured at a trampoline park, it may be worth speaking to us to check that the park was being run properly. It’s worth knowing that signing a Waiver doesn’t end the parks responsibility to you. 

Accidents do happen, and they are not always someone else’s fault, but those who charge the public to use facilities owe a duty of care to their visitors to provide a safe environment, as well as a fun one! 

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What help can I get if I or my child is hurt at a trampoline park?

Sophie Hamilton

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