Negotiating Settlement Agreements

If the end of the line is in sight with your current employer, we can help you by negotiating a severance package – so that you can make a dignified exit from the organisation under a settlement agreement.

If you have already been offered a severance package but are unhappy with the terms offered, we can advise you on the reasonableness of the termination payment. If the compensation offered is low, we can contact your employer to negotiate the best possible deal. That might also include a reference and other non-financial terms.

And of course, if you have received a settlement agreement and are broadly happy, we can advise you on the terms and effect and take it through to completion.

Once you and your employer sign a settlement agreement, it is legally binding, preventing you from pursuing any further claims. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the final settlement agreement presented to you is fair and protects your position now and in the future. Call us to speak to a specialist Employment solicitor in confidence. It costs nothing to find out where you stand. 

Have you been offered a settlement agreement? Find out about what you need to do and know here.

If you have any questions or would would like to find out more you can contact our team of expert lawyers by email or by phone 0117 929 0451.

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