We understand that funding legal costs in family proceedings can be very difficult.  We seek to offer as many options as possible (link to our funding page) and one of those options is a litigation loan thought NOVITAS.

NOVITAS can provide loans to assist you with:

  • Divorce
  • ToLATA claims
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

The loan can cover your solicitor’s fees and disbursements including expert, court and barrister’s fees.

The loan contract is between you and NOVITAS.  It is a formal loan and can therefore be taken into account in financial proceedings unlike a ‘soft loan’ from a friend or a family member.

If, after discussions with your solicitor, you decide to apply for a loan, your solicitor will make the application online for you to approve.

NOVITAS will conduct a credit check to assess whether to grant your application.  If you are successful, a loan agreement will be sent to you for your signature and this must be returned NOVITAS along with a letter confirming that you have taken legal advice.  The process takes on average 4 weeks.  If you accept the loan, you then have a 14 day cooling off period.

You can agree the amount for the loan with NOVITAS but draw down on it as and when required.  You will only accrue interest on money once it is sent to your solicitor’s client account.  The interest is charged at a fixed rate for the duration of the loan (1.5% per month) and is ‘rolled-up’ and taken at the same time the loan is settled.

NOVITAS will take security over the proceeds from your divorce and financial settlement, and in some cases they may take a charge over your property in the form of a mortgage.  The loan and interest is then repaid from the money you receive in your divorce/financial proceedings.

Novitas will discuss with you a time period for the loan but where it is to be secured over a property, the maximum loan duration is 12 months.

For more information you can contact NOVITAS on 01722 417065 or download their brochure here.

Please note, these loans are offered where there is money or property in dispute.  If you also have children matters that need resolving, the loan can cover this so long as there is sufficient money to cover all your costs. NOVITAS do not offer loans for stand-alone children cases.

Contact our team of expert family solicitors to discuss your needs. Call our team on 0117 929 0451 or email.

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