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NHS continues to pay out millions due to missed cancer diagnoses

December 18, 2017

Figures released on behalf of the NHS have confirmed that the NHS is still continuing to pay out millions of pounds worth of compensation to patients every year, as a result of the failure to diagnose cancer. 

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In the year 2016/2017, figures provided by NHS Resolution state that a total of £12.6m was paid out in compensation solely as a result of mistakes in cancer diagnosis. The number of people who made successful claims against the NHS in this period for this type of medical negligence hit the record figure of 150. On the face of it this may not sound like very many people or indeed a huge amount of compensation, especially when compared to the overall amount of medical negligence compensation paid to claimants during the same period (which exceeded £1 billion). Nevertheless these figures show that there are still a significant number of NHS patients who are not getting the medical treatment they need and deserve when it comes to cancer, and this is not just the fault of some NHS doctors but some GPs as well.

The impact of a missed cancer diagnosis can be devastating not only on the patient concerned but also on that patient’s family, both financially and emotionally.

Whilst it is true that some cancer deaths which follow a missed diagnosis would have happened in any event, even then the patient will likely have been denied the chance to receive treatment which, at the very least, could have prolonged his or her life by months or even years.

Over the years Burroughs Day has successfully assisted clients with compensation claims against various health professionals for a failure to diagnose cancer of different types. These cases are not straightforward and whilst the figure of 150 people who have received compensation referred to above may seem relatively small, this figure does not take into account those patients whose diagnosis was negligently missed but where it was ultimately found that it did not make any difference to the eventual outcome. If the actual figure for missed diagnoses of cancer were revealed I would make an educated guess that it would be several times higher than the 150 patients highlighted above.

If you’ve been affected by a missed diagnosis, or any other medical negligence issue, get in touch with our friendly team of experts. Our initial advice is always free and we will be honest with you about your chances of succeeding with a claim. We will guide you through each step of the medical negligence claim process and provide you with clear, well informed advice throughout. Call us on 0117 929 0333.

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